Queen's Court follows a pair of adventurers pledged to a vile entity they do not understand. It uses Interactive Fiction dynamics, RPG mechanics and procedural generation to glimpse a strange dark fantasy world.

Information is limited, and may take some research

Pay attention to your resources and party structure!

There are a ton of many possible paths here take your time, maybe try it a couple of times

[There's a bug I can't quite figure out where if you die in combat it can get a bit messy, if you can figure out how to reproduce that I'll be very thankful but it's 2am and I'm done testing it]

cws for violence, blood, murder, mostly to defenceless people, also to some monsters, nothing worse than you'd find in a standard dark fantasy/Berserk/Dark Soulsy deal (although no sexual violence here)

Music controls are on the bar on the left!

Writing, coding, music, etc. by vivien holmes

Written in Harlowe 3.3.1 using code from Harlowe Audio Library for playing music!


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I would like to be a starforged paladin for a mysterious (read evil) entity, thank you very much