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10 Be "good at science" as a child
20 become an atheist in primary school
30 Get bullied
40 slowly lose interest in everything you ever enjoyed in a failed attempt to become popular and cool
50 develop a mental illness
60 dissociate from geek culture because you're a disabled gay communist with executive dysfunction and no money, so you can't buy or play any games
70 be good enough with computers to get a job where you don't have to do anything
80 start following game developers on twitter because you're attracted to them
90 eventually play their games
100 get twine
110 attempt to make a game and decide it is too derivative to show to anyone
120 attempt to write a poem and decide it is too derivative to show anyone
130 attempt to write a novel and give up because all your ideas are too derivative to show anyone
140 attempt to write a song, find a band you like playing with then leave before you can play any gigs
150 show somebody one of your attempts
160 when they don't tell you it's the best thing that's ever happened to them, give up
170 give up again
180 realise that other people feel vaguely similar things to you
190 feign confidence
200 vow to make things
210 stop making things after the third day
220 just keep fucking trying
230 do it
240 do something
250 literally anything
260 write about not being able to write, make games about not having any ideas
270 literally anything can be motivation, literally anything can be motivation
280 rip some form of creative expression from your own cold dead hands
290 who needs hands! make a game without your hands
300 make a game that noone can play
310 publish a game that doesn't work
320 maybe you're annoying maybe you have bad ideas maybe you're clogging up the definitely limited space of the internet with your work that nobody will see
330 who fucking cares
340 fuck yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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